1. Select which raffle you’d like to take part in.
  2. Choose what number(‘s) you would like in the draw.
  3. Complete payment. ​
  4. You will be emailed with your numbers(‘s) in that draw and interactively placed onto the competition page against your assigned number.

How the winner is picked

  1. Once the timer on the competition is complete the draw will go ahead. Users are able to view the winner being drawn if tuned into the selected competition at the time of draw. Draws will happen only once and will consist of only sold ticket numbers.

Delivery to the winner

  1. The prize which will consist of an online DLC code will be emailed to the winning users registered email within 24 hours


  1. If the pre-set number of tickets are not sold when the raffle ends, Champion Codes will then replace the product with a 75% cash prize, please take this into consideration when purchasing your tickets. Goodluck!!!